Emergency and Help Telephone Service Center

Emergency and Help Telephone Service Center

Card lost / stolen / swallowed up in ATM

Emergency Telephone Service Centers for help in case of a problem abroad.

Whilst abroad, in any case of problem with the card, it is recommended to immediately contact the emergency telephone service center of American Express in Israel at +972-(0)3-6364445,  which operates 24 four hours a day, all days of the year (with the exception of Yom Kippur).

You will receive immediate help and solution to the problem or difficulty using the card abroad.

In order for us to be able to help you quickly and efficiently, you are requested to contact this telephone service center shortly after encountering any problem with the card and give a detailed report as to the type of problem or difficulty with using the card. Your prompt and accurate message will ensure that suitable measures are taken to solve the problem or difficulty and to prevent losses and damage for you, for businesses and indeed for us.

It is recommended to take this information with you as well as the number of the telephone service center for dealing with problems should these arise, before you leave.

Issuing Alternative Card Abroad

For isuing an alternative card abroad in the case of loss/theft, You may enter one of 2,200 Americn Express Travel agancies abroad and thay will assist you in isuing a new card with no charge!
To find the closest agancy press here
In order to isue an Israeli new card - make a collect call to Israel from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day at +972-(0)3-6364445 and you will receive an new card within five business days (with charge).

Help Service and Emergency Telephone Service Centers

In case of an emergency you may call our Global Assist at +972-(0)9-9510084/3 and they will assist you in finding the nearest Medical center, leagle assistance etc.

Telephone Numbers:

+972-9-9510083/4 - Global Assist

+972-3-6364445 – report on loss / theft / problem – due to use of card abroad. (collect call)

+972-3-9221088 – Emergency telephone center: an international medical center for those going abroad –   24 hours a day (collect call).