Cash Withdrawal

Cash Withdrawal

Foreign Currency Withdrawals in Israel

Upon presenting your card, checkbook and identity card at any of the branches of your bank and at the branches of Bank HaPoalim Ltd., you may withdraw cash from your account according to amount which are determined and updated by the bank from time to time, subject to the balance you have in the bank, without any need to make inquiries with your branch.

In this way, you will receive the cash you need quickly and efficiently.

This service is not within the Credit Card agreement and your bank account will be charged at the time of withdrawal. The amount of withdrawal will be published by the bank from time to time.

Foreign Currency Withdrawal Abroad

With the American Express card which is designed for use abroad it is possible to withdraw cash from automatic bank machine (ATM) with specified markes - to find the nearest ATM press here
You may withdraw at any American Express Travel agency - to find the nearest agaency press here

The main fees are as follows:

Cash withdrawal fee:
From ATM: $3.75.
From American Express Travel branches: $5.5.

The cash withdrawal fee will be converted, should it be necessary, to client's charge currency according to the conversion method that detailed in the chapter "Conversion Methods".

Purchases abroad - Amexcredit Payments

You may ask your bank to pay for all your purchases abroad using the Amexcredit method. The interest on the payments is determined by the bank and changes from time to time. It is recommended to contact your branch before leaving the country.

In which cases should the business request our permission to perform a transaction?
Businesses and banks are allowed, and in some cases are indeed required to ask our permission in advance to executing a business transaction or cash withdrawal. We use a flexible automatic system for this purpose which normally operates 24 hours a day. This system has limitations which derive, amongst other things, from the provisions of the Israeli law and from accepted rules of credit cards.

In case of difficulties, it is possible to receive special permits other than by means of the automatic system.
When required and when our office is open, you may also call us from abroad. Should your application is found to be justified, we will bear the expenses. If you want to plan special purchases which are essential to your trip abroad, without being able to make inquiries at the time of transaction since our office is closed, please find out in advance the possibilities of using the card.

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